Salfeet for Presidency and Bethlehem for Vice Presidency of APLA

16 Jan 2023
Salfeet for Presidency and Bethlehem for Vice Presidency of APLA

The executive committee of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) elected Abdel Karim Al-Zubeidi, Mayor of Salfeet, as a President, during the first meeting of the executive committee held in Ramallah, with the attendance of the members of APLA's executive committee, in addition to the former president of APLA, Eng. Musa Hadid and its Executive Director, Eng. Abdullah Anati.

During the meeting, APLA's administrative positions were distributed, where Hanna Hanania, Mayor of Bethlehem was elected as APLA's Vice President, Mahmoud Barham, Mayor of Bita as APLA's Treasury, and Saleh Awwad, Mayor of Yatta as APLA's Secretary.

This followed the administrative committee meeting, which preceded the executive committee meeting, where 6 temporary members were elected in addition to the local authorities at the centers of the governorates, who are permanent members of the executive committee. The administrative committee agreed unanimously to maintain the seat the Secretary of the Capital Jerusalem vacant until electing a Secretary for Jerusalem, the Capital of the State of Palestine, and allocating a second seat for Jerusalem Governorate within the membership of the Executive committee as representative of the Mid-region. Bani Zeid Municipality, represented by its Mayor, Kayid Al-Rimawi was elected for the second seat representing the Mid-region, as well as the election of two representatives from the North; Bita Municipality, represented by its Mayor, Mahmoud Barham and Arrabeh Municipality represented by its Mayor Ahmad Ardah, and two representatives from the South; Yatta Municipality, represented by its Mayor, Saleh Awwad, and Beit Jala Municipality, represented by its Mayor, Issa Qassis, in accordance with APLA's Bylaws.

APLA's elected President, Abdel Karim Al-Zbeidi expressed his gratitude to his colleagues at the executive committee for granting him their trust as the president, and thanked the former President, Eng. Musa Hadid, and the executive team for all the efforts they did to complete the democratic process and maintain APLA's sustainability as a representative of all local authorities. Furthermore, he added that he aspires to work with his colleagues at the executive committee, the administrative committee, and all other colleagues at the local authorities to build upon the previous efforts for enhancing the capacities and jurisdiction of local authorities to provide optimal services to citizens.

Former President of APLA, Eng Hadid, expressed his pride in the democratic spirit within APLA, which constitute a continuation of the democratic process starting with local authorities' elections, congratulating the New President of APLA, wishing him and the colleagues at both the executive and administrative committees all success in serving the country and the citizens.

APLA's Executive Director, Eng. Anati, explained that the elections of both committees, the executive and the administrative, and distributing the administrative positions comes as a crowning of the meetings held in different governorates during the last period, during which representatives from the governorates were selected for membership of the APLA's administrative committee. Furthermore, he thanked the former President and the members of APLA's both committees for their efforts in enhancing APLA's role during the past years. Moreover, he congratulated the new President of APLA, Al-Zbeidi, confirming that APLA will continue working with the same vision that aims to represent local authorities and enhance their jurisdiction.

In addition, APLA's Executive Director, Eng. Anati provided a presentation during the meeting of the administrative committee about APLA, its committees, organizational structure, implemented projects, the key topics being addressed currently, and priorities of the next stage. Additionally, the report of the independent legal accounts' audit and financial data of APLA for 2021, which was approved by the administrative committee clearing the conscience of the former administrative committee.