APLA is an independent organization mandated to represent and lobby for the collective interests of LGU’s by supporting capacity building among municipalities, facilitating exchange of knowledge and best practices, and serving as vehicle for dialogue between the central government and LGUs.

What Will APLA Offer Its Members?

  • Strong representation on behalf of all LGUs internally and externally;
  • Active participation and lobbying on behalf of LGUs in policy development and legislation;
  • Capacity development programs for mayors, council members and staff of LGUs;
  • Access to international forum, organizations and events;
  • Access to media outlets locally and internationally on behalf of LGUs;
  • Technical, Internal mediation and legal support;
  • Resource mobilization, project management and reporting;
  • Exchange of experiences locally and internationally; and
  • Access to official documents and reports related to local governments locally and internationally.