Representation of Local Authorities


At the local level: APLA struggles to realize the right of Local Authorities by steering the relationship between the Government and the Local Authorities, thus contributes to policy-making and decision-making actions on behalf of these Local Authorities to become a key partner and actor in the adopted national procedures whilst developing future National Policies, Sectoral Strategies and Public Budget.
APLA's scope of work is not limited to representing the interests of the Local Authorities at the political and official level only, but is also concerned in raising the citizens' awareness of the important and necessary work and exerted efforts Local Authorities carry out, as well as highlighting the responsibilities they assume in order to provide all citizens with the best services. APLA also strives to underline the achievements and efforts of all the staff working and managing these Local Authorities; this is done through launching periodic community outreach programs which tackle priority and key issues that are lying within the mandate of Local Authorities. This approach is being implemented through shedding light on specific issues of interest to citizens on the one hand, and though raising their awareness about the work , roles, policies or new legislations that concern their rights and interests  which Local Authorities perform on the other hand.
At the International level: APLA seeks to strengthen its partnerships with Arab and international organizations and forums by joining and actively participating in international networks that may lead in later stages to signing Memorandums of Understanding on the establishment of mutual cooperation and expertise with international entities around the world, thus ensure a more consolidated representation of the Palestinian Local Authorities.