Lobbying and Advocacy


Lobbying and advocacy is considered one of the main priorities and functions APLA performs in order to meet the needs and interests of Local Authorities. When APLA was established 20 years ago, one of the main reasons for its founding, was to defend the rights and interests of Local Authorities.
Consequently, APLA is exerting great efforts and allocating significant resources to play a pivotal role in policy-making , developing activities in Palestine, reviewing and updating the current regulatory framework, and setting new policies and  position papers. APLA has issued instructions and procedures to assess the needs of Local Authorities in order to either classify the laws, by-laws, rules and regulations that should be amended and revised, or to draft new laws to be enacted.
APLA is looked upon as a key partner and a representor of the Local Authorities when developing new policies and legislations relevant to the local government sector; it is the entity that puts pressure on the central government and other partners for the benefit of all Palestinian Local Authorities.