International Relations


A regional and international cooperation is considered a necessary approach for the development of Local Authorities and for the communication with other partners; therefore, the Association of  Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) is endeavoring to facilitate the participation of Local Authorities in international events in order to expand their horizons and form strategic relationships and partnerships. However, participating in international events may be an arduous task to many of the Local Authorities; such as dealing with logistical aspects and language barriers on the one hand, and preparing for active participation which requires high-level communication and negotiating skills on the other. Participation in international forums always requires serious preparations that includes paperwork, hosting events and organizing side events. It may also require negotiations with partners on issues that are regarded as top priority within the work of Local Authorities. Hence, APLA provides all the required support to Local Authorities in order to facilitate their activate participation in international forums and events.
In general, Palestinian Local Authorities are keen to enter into partnership or twinning agreements with counterparts around the world. For its part, APLA seeks to provide legal, technical and policy support to Local Authorities in a manner that ensures the conclusion of fair and constructive agreements through commissioning a peer training methodology that shall lead to creating solidarity and to formulating Palestinian orientated Standardized twinning agreements with international partners. Through its partnerships with international organizations, APLA is striving to sprout the horizons for Local Authorities to participate in international events and establish partnerships with counterpart Local Authorities abroad.