Capacity Building


APLA believes that developing the capacity of Local Authorities is essential for enabling them to upgrade the level of services they provide to citizens. To achieve this, specialized training programs are designed and implemented on a regular basis for mayors and municipal council members, particularly the newly elected ones. Such a training aims at developing the capacity of the heads of Local Authorities in order for them to efficiently manage their Councils, and accordingly take informed decisions.
APLA does not exclude the executive staff within the Local Authorities from engaging in the training programs that are launched periodically, while aiming at expanding the know-how and skills to the biggest number of staff within Local Authorities of new and important technical issues, increasing communication and networking among all staff of the different Local Authorities and Councils in Palestine, and contributing to the National Reform Agenda. All the aforementioned shall be achieved by providing support in the development of position papers that tackle pressing issues in the local government sector. In the same context, APLA provides legal, technical and policy support to in all areas to all Local Authorities.