Area (C) Resilience Development initiative (ARD)

01 Apr 2018
Area (C) Resilience Development initiative (ARD)



  • European Union/ EDF Contribution.
  • Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Overall objective: To enhance Palestinian Local Authorities' contribution to governance and development processes in Area C, as a precondition for more equitable, open and democratic society.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of the Palestinian Local Authority Association “APLA”
  2. Enable APLA advocate for and lobby on issues related to Area C on behalf of its members “Local Authorities –LAs”
  3. Improve the capacity of Khalet Al Mayya Cluster LAs’ capacities in providing services, in promoting local development and in contributing to the territorial integration are enhanced.


Targeted Group:

The main target group is the Association Palestinian of Local Authorities (APLA), and seven marginalized communities of Khalet Al Mayya Cluster in Yatta Area/Hebron Governorate.


Final Beneficiaries:

Potential members of APLA, which could reach more than 450 LAs. In addition to about 7,500 citizens of the seven communities compromise Khalet Al Mayya Cluster will be the beneficiary of the action. 

Main Activities:

  • A1: Review of APLA Reactivation Plan; Develop APLA’s Mid-Term Strategic Plan; update internal procedures and bylaws for APLA’s management; Develop image and communication tools (e.g. website, monthly magazine, printed materials, etc.); update and maintain APLA’s website/Facebook page; network with similar international organizations and sign MoUs for cooperation and knowledge sharing.
  • A2: Develop the ToR of the Area C Technical Support Unit; recruit qualified staff; identify key advocacy and legal aid areas; develop action plan; facilitate legal aid and capacity building support to LAs in Area C; design and carry out advocacy and awareness campaigns.
  • A3: Formulate a capacity building plan for Khalet Al Mayya Cluster staff and council members;  Deliver training and technical support per the designed plan (including revenue generation training); Conduct analysis of the current processes and procedures; Provide technical support to improve revenue generation and re-engineer processes (including customer friendly procedures, and introducing easy to use and maintain ICT solutions);  Procure and supply/install of needed ICT software have and tools (related to improving the M&O, revenue collection, and capacity of the services); organize knowledge sharing, and peer-to peer activities; Support paid internship initiative for  fresh graduates; Design and implement outreach activities, and awareness raising campaigns;  Support selected LED initiatives.