“E.M.I - Empower, Mainstream, Include, Promotion of the rights of PwDs in Palestine”

08 Jun 2021
“E.M.I - Empower, Mainstream, Include, Promotion of the rights of PwDs in Palestine”

E.M.I - Promotion of the rights of PwDs project in Palestine is designed to promote the rights of people with disabilities in addition to their families. The project is being implemented by EducAID with collaboration and partnership of various institutions in Palestine including Association of local authorities (APLA). The project consists of two specific components which are as follow:

  1. Strengthen the competences of local government units and civil society on issues related to disability.
  2. Contribute to the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities through an increased socio-economic empowerment of PwDs, their families, and DPOs.

APLA in its continuous efforts to achieve its strategic goals in general and the second strategic goal in particular “Enhance the Capacity of LGUs to provide better services to citizens”, is responsible for implementing component number one “Strengthen the competences of municipalities and civil society on issues related to disability” jointly with EducAID a non-governmental Italian organization funded by Italian agency for development and cooperation (PASIS program).

Component number one which is aimed to strengthen local government units and local communities’ competences on the theme of disability by supporting the work of LGUs in identifying and dealing with cases of disability in an appropriate way.

Expected results of project component one will be:

  1. Increase LGU’s awareness on disability related issues as well as including disability issues in their strategic plans.
  2. Creating a Self-Disability audit tool to be used as planning and monitoring tool.
  3. Strengthen the knowledge of accessibility issues of LGU’s technicians.
  4. Foster LGUs practical skills over concrete promotion of PwDs rights.

The main activities of project life-cycle of two years 2021 – 2022 will be:

  1. Creation of self-disability audit tool.
  2. Theoretical and practical workshops on disability for LGUs.
  3. Renovation of building\institutions to be compliance with disability needs: LGUs have to submit their detailed project plans where it will be decided by project partner committee based on selected criteria. The best restructuring plans by LGUs will implement the activity and given the allocated fund.
  4. Inclusive municipality prize: were LGUs will present an action plan aimed at promoting the inclusion of PwDs and their rights. The winning LGU with best action plan will be selected by project partners.



Activities implemented during the project lifecycle 

  • Launched the Promotion of PWDs’ Rights in Palestine project.
  • Developed, distributed, and analysed the results of a PWD self-assessment tool.
  • Organized six theoretical workshops on the inclusion of PWD issues into LGUs agendas.
  • Organized six practical workshops on the inclusion of PWD issues into LGUs agendas.
  • Held a workshop on inclusive design mechanisms to make public services and facilities accessible for PWDs.