APLA President holds expanded meetings in France to discuss support to the Palestinian cause

14 Mar 2024
APLA President holds expanded meetings in France to discuss support to the Palestinian cause

In pursuit of enhancing cooperation with international counterparts, increasing the profile of Palestinian local government units (LGUs), and supporting national issues at the international stage, the President of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA), Abdul Karim az-Zubeidi, held a series of meetings with the French Senate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Association of French Cities, and Palestinian Embassy to France.


In his meeting with the French Senate, Az-Zubeidi demanded that more efforts be exerted by the EU to put pressure and call on the Israeli government to immediately stop the aggression against the Gaza Strip as well as recurrent assaults on the West Bank cities, towns, and refugee camps. Az-Zubeidi provided a review of Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian people, particularly in the Gaza Strip. Israel’s offensive has destroyed infrastructure and razed streets, overstraining municipalities, village councils, and popular service committees in refugee camps. It exacerbates the need for emergency financial support to help empower and promote capacities of LGUs to continue to provide services, repair damages, rehabilitate networks, etc.


The French Senate emphasized their support to the Palestinian people and cause, stressing the importance of promoting relations between LGUs in both countries. Joint development projects will be implemented to support Palestinian LGUs to meet the needs and promote the perseverance of communities. French senators commended the LGUs role under difficult and complex circumstances.


At the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Az-Zubeidi met with the officer in charge of LGUs and Middle East and discussed the situation of, and potential for developing cooperation with, Palestinian LGUs. Az-Zubeidi made an overview of the current context of Palestinian LGUs under the impact of Israel’s aggression against Gaza for over five months and ongoing attacks and raids on West Bank cities, towns and refugee camps. Az-Zubeidi further highlighted challenges to LGUs and attempts to repair damages caused by the Israeli occupying forces in various communities.


Az-Zubeidi also met with the Association of French Cities and Decentralized Cooperation Network for Palestine. Discussions involved potential support to Palestinian LGUs to promote citizens’ perseverance through existing relations with French LGUs. Reflecting strong dynamic collaboration, 60 partnerships are in place between Palestinian and French LGUs.


During his visit, Az-Zubeidi met with and briefed Hala Abu Hasira, Palestinian Ambassador to France, about the current cooperation between Palestinian and French LGUs. He commended the role played by the Palestinian Embassy in serving Palestinians in France and promoting the Palestinian-French relations at all political and popular levels.