Signing sub-grant agreements with 13 village councils to implement development projects in the so-called Area “C”

28 Feb 2024
Signing sub-grant agreements with 13 village councils to implement development projects in the so-called Area “C”

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) signed sub-grant agreements with 13 village councils to support and implement development projects in the so-called area “C”. Funded by the European Union (EU) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the agreements were concluded at the APLA offices in Ramallah. The signing ceremony was attended by the APLA President Abdul Karim az-Zubeidi, APLA Executive Director Eng. Abdallah Anati, EU Area C Development Programme Manager Jenin Abu Azem, SDC representatives, and heads of beneficiary village councils: Ijnisinya, Beit Duqqu, Tayasir, Kharbatha Bani Harith, Deir Abu Da’if, Rummana, Sanniriya, Ad-Dab’a, Anza, Ein Arik, Far’un, Faqqu’a, and Kafr Ni’ma.


In his opening remarks, Az-Zubeidi highlighted the importance of Area C at the present time in particular. Area C is under a major assault aimed at displacing residents and taking control of land for settlement expansion. Az-Zubeidi appreciated the role of LGUs in Area C, meeting citizens’ needs and promoting their perseverance on their land. LGUs have fulfilled national responsibilities towards citizens. As they are the most capable and closest to citizens, LGUs has extended beyond municipal services.


SDC representative expressed the Agency’s interest in supporting development projects across Area C in view of its strategic importance. SDC commended APLA’s role in implementing the Sub-grants Initiative, which is set to support sustainable development projects and improve the socioeconomic situation of communities.


Village councils’ mayors extended thanks and appreciation to APLA for its efforts to support local government and empower LGUs to meet extensive challenges. They called on APLA to intensify action, mobilize additional support, and launch more initiatives to promote sustainable development throughout Area C.


As one activity of the APLA Multiannual Action Plan, the Sub-grants Initiative finances 26 projects to the benefit of village councils over two phases. Grants support all initiatives designed to develop and enhance communities by implementing development projects in economic areas, social and environmental services, and community development. The Sub-grants Initiative reflects APLA’s commitment to make policies and carry out initiatives in line with Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.