APLA Reviews Beita Municipality Projects for Solid Waste Management

31 Aug 2022
APLA Reviews Beita Municipality Projects for Solid Waste Management

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) conducted a field visit to Beita Municipality, targeted by the Network of Local Authorities for Sustainable Development "L.A.N.D". The visit aimed at getting acquainted with the projects and activities implemented by the municipality in the solid waste management sector, to study the possibility of coordinating work between APLA and the Local Government Sector Reform program at ENABEL in Beita, being one of the targeted cluster under both projects.


The visit included a meeting at Beita Municipality with the Mayor Mahmoud Barham and the Municipality's executive team, attended by the project manager from FELCOS UMBRIA, Morino Caporalini; project coordinator from APLA, Eng. Widad Al-Qadi; and the Local Governance Sector Expert from ENABEL, Oday Al-Ja'bari. During the meeting, the activities of both projects in the area were presented in addition to a discussion on the possibility of coordinating both efforts out of belief in complementarity and partnership in order to enhance desired results and outcomes.


On his turn, Mayor of Beita, Mr. Barham, introduced the audience to the needs for operationalizing the compost factory project, clarifying during the field visit to the factory that the project is strategic and is a high priority for the municipality. Moreover, aspects of potential support of the factory under both projects were discussed.


It is worth mentioning that APLA is implementing the "L.A.N.D" project on behalf of local authorities in Palestine, funded by AICS, in cooperation with ANCI UMBRIA, Trasimeno Servizi Ambientali, Unione dei Comuni Terre dell'Olio e del Sagrantino, Assisi Municipality, Autorità Igienico-sanitaria dell'Umbria.