Workshop on Drafting Media Messages in Municipal Work

11 Aug 2022
Workshop on Drafting Media Messages in Municipal Work

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) conducted a workshop through the Public Relations Hub on drafting media messages in conformity with the nature of municipal work. Forty-Seven (47) representatives of public relations and media departments at local authorities participated, with the aim of exploring the concept of media messages, types and contents, as well as the factors that affect its drafting and identification, in addition to its impact on the target group/s.


Activities Coordinator at APLA, Shurouq Rabee' presented the most important programs and activities implemented currently by APLA, in addition to the activities that will be implemented during the coming months for the members of the Public Relations Hub, clarifying that these activities will be developed in consultation with the Hub members and based on their priorities.


Journalist Ahmad Ayyash started the workshop with an interactive activity with the participants on the difference between public relations and media, the requirements and tasks of each specialization separately in comparison to what is delegated to employees. Whereas, journalist Ali Obaidat continued the training on the concept of media messages in relation to municipal work and the best practices in defining them in order to achieve the desired impact, change stereotypes, and enhance citizens' trust in their local authorities. Meanwhile, participants participated in an interactive exercise on identifying priority issues, target groups and desired impact as well as the form of media messages and drafting them.


It is worth mentioning that this workshop was conducted under the Technical Hub project for local authorities implemented in partnership between APLA and LGRP-GIZ, knowing that it comprises of five Hubs; Public Relations Hub, Engineering and Planning Hub, Financial Management Hub, Village Councils Hub, Innovation Hub.