Holding Second Orientation Session for Local Authorities Councils elected in 2022 in Hebron Governorate

25 Jan 2022
Holding Second Orientation Session for Local Authorities Councils elected in 2022 in Hebron Governorate

The Vice President of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA), Mayor of Hebron, Tyasir Abu Sneineh, congratulated the Mayors and council members of the local authorities elected in Hebron governorate, emphasizing the importance of the role played by local authorities in serving citizens and maintaining the community fabric and civil peace. This took place during the opening of the second orientation session for elected local authorities in 2022, organized by the Ministry of Local Government in partnership with APLA, attended by Deputy Minister of Local Government, Dr. Tawfik Al-Budairi; Governor's Advisor, Rafik Al-Ja'bari; Ministry and Directorate teams, and elected council members.


Abu Sneineh introduced the role of APLA in supporting local authorities, defending their rights and interests in a way that enhances the powers granted to them in order to provide services optimally, praising the complementary relation and true partnership between APLA and the Ministry, especially concerning the amendment, revision and drafting of regulations, laws and policies.


Meanwhile, Deputy Minster, Dr. Al-Budairi called local authorities for enhancing and expanding the circle of joint planning and work among themselves, especially the neighboring ones, due to the positive tangible impact on pushing the wheel of development towards achieving comprehensive local development in full and active partnership with stakeholders among official, private and civil institutions and individuals.


Al-Budairi confirmed the importance of adhering to the laws and regulations governing the work of the local governance sector in Palestine, which shall enable municipalities and village councils to do their role optimally, in realization of public interest and maintenance of civil peace.


It is worth mentioning that these orientation sessions for elected local authorities will be implemented in all governorates during the next days.