In Preparation For Launching the Palestinian City Managers Network (PCMN):

APLA conducts the 1st Meeting of PCMN’s Members

10 Apr 2019

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) held the first Palestinian City Managers Network (PCMN) meeting that aims to present the network establishment plan and prepare its action plan for the coming year. The meeting occurred in the presence of APLA’s President Eng. Musa Hadid and its Executive Director Eng. Abdallah Anati, along with the participation of 30 PCMN members who are among the Palestinian City Managers across the nation.

APLA’s President Eng. Hadid initiated the meeting by stressing on the important role of city managers as they sit at the top of the Executive team in municipalities, and the link they form between staff and municipal councils. Eng. Hadid highlighted the importance of supporting these managers and their contributions in APLA’s legal and technical support unit for the sake of enhancing expertise exchange between Local Authorities and benefit from the extensive knowledge of the managers who are aware of all municipalities work aspects. 

APLA’s Executive Director Eng. Abdallah Anati presented the work plan that the association has prepared to establish the PCMN, which primarily aims to form an executive body within APLA that works to adopt its decisions on one hand, and improve the municipalities capacities on the other, as well as enhancing the City Manager's role in policy reform and development activities related to the Local Government Sector. Eng. Anati explained that this network will eventually be the base for qualified candidates from Palestine to join the International City/County Management Association “ICMA”.

The participants discussed all aspects of the plan and presented their interventions in order to improve it and ensure its real implementation on the ground. They also praised APLA’s initiative in establishing this network which will enhance the communication between the Local Authorities and its managers to benefit from each other’s experiences.

During the meeting, the PCMN members have chosen the network managing team who consists of 8 members: (APLA Executive Director Abdallah Anati, Al-Bireh Municipality manager Ziad AlTaweel, Ramallah Municipality Manager Ahmad Abu Laban, Qalqilia Municipality Manager Abd Al-Momen Affaneh, Bitunia Municipality Manager Mohammed Majdobeh, Beit Sahur Manager Muhannad Shaheen, Dura Municipality Manager Nader Maqboul & Ellar Municipality Manager Mohammed Sharar), it has been agreed on developing an annual action plan for the network by the managing team based on the overall perception of the plan agreed upon.

It’s worth mentioning that, APLA has signed an affiliation agreement with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) a few months ago. Therefore, Opening the doors before Palestinian City Managers to exchange experiences, learn from their peers around the world, and join ICMA.