The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities Discusses Means of Cooperation and Supporting Implementing a Strategy with Donor Representatives

04 Apr 2019


Mr. Mousa Hadid, the President of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) and Mr. Abdallah Anati, the Executive Director of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities and experts of strategic planning Dr. Estefan Salameh and Dr. Khaled Rajab met today with donor representatives to discuss means of joint cooperation and mechanisms of supporting APLA in implementing APLA 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

Mr. Hadid explained during the meeting, which was attended by representatives of the European Union, Association of Netherlands Municipalities, German Development Agency, the Belgian Development Cooperation, World Bank, Denmark’s Development Cooperation Agency, and French Development Agency, the importance of the role of the donors in improving the local government sector in Palestine. Mr. Hadid expressed his belief in the role of APLA as a key partner in the sector and the necessity of supporting APLA especially at this stage of launching the first strategic plan ever in the history of APLA.  

Strategic planning experts Dr. Khaled Rajab and Dr. Estefan Salameh briefed the meeting about the most important aspects of the APLA 2019-2022 Strategic Plan as well as the history of APLA, linking the Strategic Plan with the National Policy Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals, the methodology of preparing the Strategic Plan, the contextual analysis, and the vision, mission, and general objectives, strategic priorities, and proposed new organizational structure of the Executive Office. 

Eng. Abdallah Anati, the Executive Director of APLA, said the meeting was to enhance communication and coordination between APLA and donors, which would explain the progress made by APLA as a collective body that represented local authorities and protected their interests and followed up on all preparations and gave support to all future plans of APLA.   

Donors praised the recent progress made by APLA and stressed the importance of APLA Strategic Plan, which defined APLA priorities leading to carrying out its role and preparing its agenda according to which it would enhance the contribution of local authorities in governance and development processes. The donors expressed satisfaction with all outputs of the Plan and hoped that it would be implemented, which would eventually lead to positive change to the performance of local authorities in specific and the local government sector in Palestine as a whole.

The meeting is one of several meetings held to consult with all partners about the APLA 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, which is an output of the European Union initiative “Area (C) Resilience Development initiative (ARD)”. The initiative is implemented by APLA in cooperation with the Association of Netherlands Municipalities.