President of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities Welcomes the Mayor of Al-Doha

19 Mar 2019

The President of the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) Mr. Mousa Hadid and the Executive Director of APLA Abdallah Anati welcomed the Mayor of Al-Doha Ra’fat Jawabra and the Manager of Al-Doha Municipality Khaled Salah. The meeting is one of several meetings held by APLA to ensure continuous communication with local authorities across the country.

Mr. Hadid briefed Mr. Jawabra and Mr. Salah about the vision and objectives APLA sought to realize in the near future by conducting activities to enhance the capacities of local authorities in all areas and to represent them locally and abroad. 

Mr. Jawabra praised the role of APLA to improve local government sector in Palestine. Mr. Jawabra said it is necessary that APLA continues its efforts to support local authorities, their guidance, and their assistance in all issues facing their work.

Mr. Hadid and Mr. Jawabra discussed ways of strengthening APLA’s role and services to members and mechanism of continuous and direct communication among local authorities and APLA as their representative body.