Localizing the SDGs

01 Dec 2019
Localizing the SDGs

To continue The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities’ efforts in providing services and assistance to Palestinian LGUs, and to keep abreast of regional and global efforts in the local government sector, and to the growing roles carried out by LGUs around the world to provide better services to citizens. APLA adopts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and strives to localize the implementation of the SDGs through the active involvement of LGUs. In which the SDGs set out the 17 ambitious goals approved by United Nations members in September 2015, it includes the three dimensions of sustainable development- economic development, social integration, and environmental sustainability- supported by good local governance.


The inclusion of SDG 11 to “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” is, in large part, the fruit of the hard-fought campaign by local governments, their associations and the urban community. It is the main goal that relates directly to the work of LGUs around the world as well as in Palestine. SDG 11 marks a major step forward in the recognition of the transformative power of LGUs for development, and of the role of city leaders in driving global change from the bottom up.


However, the role of LGUs in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda goes far beyond SDG 11. All of the SDGs have targets that relate in one way or another to the daily work of LGUs in Palestine. Local governments should not be seen as mere implementers of the 2030 Agenda. Local governments should play a key role in policymaking and act as catalysts of change as the level of governance that is best-placed to link the global goals with local communities.


As APLA, We invite you to learn about the 17 developmental goals and their components which provide a road map for more balanced and equitable urban development, by adopting the global framework for sustainable development.


From here, you can see our publication "The Sustainable Development Goals: What Local Governments Need to Know" in Arabic Language, as it highlights these goals and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the local authorities in line with the achievement of sustainable development pillar by achieving economic independence, social justice, and the Rule of law. Also by providing quality and comprehensive education for all, comprehensive and quality health care available to all, and create resilience and sustainable society.