RfPQ Title: Social Media Campaign

01 Feb 2023


The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA) founded in 1997, APLA is an independent organization mandated to represent and lobby for the collective interests of Local Government Units (LGUs) by supporting capacity building among local governments, facilitating exchange of knowledge and best practices, and serving as vehicle for dialogue between the central government and LGUs.

Project Brief:

APLA is implementing the project (APLA’s Multiannual Action Plan - MAAP 2021-2025). MAAP is designed to strengthen LGUs collaborations on service delivery and local participatory development, and improve contributions to territorial integration, particularly in Area C. Specific objectives of MAAP are aligned to APLA’s strategic plan and aims to support the role of APLA as LGUs representative and dialogue partner with the Palestinian Authority, to support the role of the LGUs in the building process of future State of Palestine and to strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of APLA. MAAP is largely financed by the European Union, under the financing agreement (FA) ENI/ 2020/ 042-362 “support productive investment in Palestine” which signed between EU and the Palestinian Authority (PA). In addition, Enabel is supporting MAAP under the framework of “Local Government Reform and Development Programme – Phase 2, Addendum PZA 1303311” through the action (Supporting the Localization of SDGs).

As part of the action, APLA is keen for contracting a firm/company who has the needed experience and skills to supply the service of “design and run online campaign”.

Objectives of the assignment:

The assignment aims basically to purchase the following services and related supplies’ items:

  • Design 24 online posts tackling specific components of Awareness raising about Environment.
  • Publish and promote the designed posts through APLA’s social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
  • Publish and promote the 6 Videos - produced by APLA - through APLA’s social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

The activities Must take into consideration the following purposes:

  • Monitor the performance and progress of the mentioned campaign.
  • Proactively create editorial content (stories, photos, advocacy images, contests, campaigns, infographics, etc.).
  • Development of usergenerated content (polls ideas, interactive stories, interactive social media posts)
  • Monthly reports on levels of reach, clicks and engagement rates.
  • Compiling to APLA’s communication guidelines and ensure APLA and ENABEL visibility.

The general requirements, technical specifications and needed services are attached to the bidding documents (Annex 1: ToR).

In this regard, APLA intends to recruit a firm / company to supply services to “design and run online campaign”, based on needed requirements, specifications, and requested TOR in the bidding documents.

The firm/company should support APLA with proven experience in such fields highlighted in their offer through submitting the firm/company profile with relevant work experience and highlighting similar assignments or previous work.

RFPQ’s Conditions:

  1. Interested eligible Firms/companies may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document through the website of APLA at (https://www.apla.ps/library).
  2. Clarifications and technical inquiries can be obtained from the Association of Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA), Communications Officer, Nadine Nakhleh: n.nakhleh@apla.ps, +970 (2) 2960712, during office hours (Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 AM to 04:00 PM) at the address given below from 1 Feb. 2023 to 15 Feb. 2023.
  3. The RFPQ’s documents in English may be downloaded from the APLA website (https://www.apla.ps/library), filled, stamped, and submitted by interested firms/companies.
  4. Offers must be hand-submitted in a sealed envelope and delivered to Ms. Rasha Sarhan, the administrative assistant at the address below on or before 3:00 PM of 15 February 2023. Late offers will be rejected. Electronic offers will not be permitted.
  5. The prices must be in (Euro). Grant is VAT exempted; bidders have to price with zero VAT.
  6. Offers shall be valid for a period of 30 days after offers’ submission deadline.
  7. APLA is not committed to the lowest price offer, but to the best evaluated offer, (Financially and technically).
  8. The address referred to above is:

The Association of Palestinian Local Authorities - APLA

2nd Floor - Safad Building - 10 Jabra Al Anqar Street -

Al-Masion- Ramallah - Palestine

T: +970 2 296 0712 ,   F: +970 2 296 0713.


Kindly find the RFPQ through the LINK.